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Admiral PR Launches SociaLIGHT

New Measurement Tool Ranks Northern Companies on Social Media Success

May 8 2013: Admiral PR today launches its first ‘SociaLIGHT Index’ which ranks the top 200* companies in the North East and North West of England according to their use of social media.

Giant sports firm Adidas tops the SociaLIGHT Top 200, closely followed by Newcastle United Football Club, Sage UK, Sunderland Football Club and Barbour. Unlike many of the companies analysed, Adidas performs particularly well on Google+, a relatively new social media network and also scores highly for how well it engages with people via its own website and Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The companies in the Index are scored by Admiral’s sophisticated measurement tool, SociaLIGHT, which examines over fifteen different social media and online ‘markers’ and ultimately awards companies a score out of 100 to indicate their success.

All the key social media channels are included such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn. Factors including the quality and quantity of content and user engagement are assessed together with the number and quality of backlinks to a brand’s website, plus the levels of its social media influence.

Georgie Cameron, founder and MD of Admiral PR said: “Businesses are increasingly understanding that social media has an important role in their sales and communications strategies, but many are not sure how best to use these channels and how to track their progress effectively. That is why we have developed SociaLIGHT.”

Nine firms out of the top 10 are selling their products and services to consumers, illustrating that consumer-focused companies are more advanced in their social media prowess than their counterparts.

Cameron continued: “On the whole, B2C companies have gone further with the adoption of platforms such as Google+ and YouTube in addition to Twitter and Facebook. “

An Adidas spokesperson commented: “It’s great news to top an index of this kind – focused entirely on how well we’ve utilised social media to communicate with our UK customer base. Although we could never have expected this a decade ago, the explosion of social media called for a change in strategy and has fundamentally transformed the way we do business.”

Cameron added: “The impact that social media can have is very often underestimated by a lot of organisations but things are beginning to change. SociaLIGHT gives companies an opportunity to see how they compare with their competitors and where progress can be made.”

Companies wishing to know more about SociaLIGHT should click here  where they can also request their score.

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