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Education events season and the story of Raspberry Pi

It’s been a busy couple of months in the education sector, and we’ve enjoyed a very illuminating events season.

It’s always good to mingle with our clients and associates at events such as Learning Technologies and BETT – for many technology partners, training providers and education publishers that week in February is the highlight of their entire annual PR and marketing strategy, and the events were suitably lively.

Not long after the big two we were also at the Education Innovation event in Manchester, where we ran into some of the familiar names and faces.

The advancement of technology in education is a particular area of interest to us, so it was fascinating this year to see how far we have come: everybody’s talking about the interactive classroom, and the concept of a handheld tablet device for every pupil is no longer a distant one.

We were captivated by the story of Raspberry Pi, the sub-£20 computer on which even infants can learn IT skills that put our generation to shame. The developers had predicted selling a thousand units into schools, and they’ve already moved a million. The demos we’ve seen recently were truly astonishing.

It was also great to hear how inspired educationalists have been by the work of Dr Sugata Mitra from our client Newcastle University. His “Hole in the Wall” research into how children learn and teach themselves not only inspired the film Slumdog Millionaire, but has also just won him the first ever million dollar TED prize.

Next up on our education calendar is the e-Assessment Question event, at which I am a guest speaker on the subject of how the assessment industry can raise its profile and manage its reputation. Please get in touch if you’d like a copy of the speech.

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