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Pinterest: Are you interested?

A social media app called Pinterest is getting a lot of attention in the press and said to be swelling in popularity with new users. So what is it? Why should you use it? And what makes it so popular? Let us tell you.

What is Pinterest?

It has been widely described as a visual corkboard to which you ‘pin’ various pictures and articles. You can have more than one board and in each case you can curate the images into themes and categories.

While it has been likened to Twitter because you simply follow other users and share content, it’s also similar to stumbleupon, where you discover new lifestyle trends and cultivate shared interests with compelling pictures.

Instead of dealing in ‘tweets’ the currency is ‘pins’, and instead of ‘retweets’ it’s ‘re-pins’ where you put another’s image on your board. It’s that easy.

Why use Pinterest?

It’s simple to use and since many prefer a more visual social media experience it’s also more enjoyable. Although it launched in 2010 in the last ten months it has grown to 13 million users.

But the real reason everyone’s talking about it is the recent news that Pinterest currently drives more traffic to websites than rivals like LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube combined. Impressive, eh?

This is great news for online retailers who are already using it to advertise products, especially in craft and design.

Who should use Pinterest?

Social media campaigns, which are primarily measured by web analytics, can greatly benefit from this new app.

A recent survey which compared the US (where it holds its biggest audience share) and UK user data, found it is a particularly big hit with American women who are into fashion and interior design.

If you’re looking to increase your web presence then this might just be the thing for you.

Back in the UK Pinterest has a slightly less female dominated following, with more male users who are ‘pinning’ infographics about venture capitalism and marketing rather than fancy designer wear.

But you don’t have to use Pinterest for either fashion or data charts – the content can be as diverse and creative as you like.

Now it’s your turn…

If you’d like to know more, we find the best way to research a new app is to play around with it. And when you’re done, why not let us know what you think?

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