Vital statistics and the launch of SociaLIGHT Admiral PR

Vital statistics and the launch of SociaLIGHT

We are a nation of statistics lovers. We love statistics, that is, not lovers. Although research published recently by Cadbury reveals that ten per cent of women secretly find their boyfriends’ fathers attractive which appears to make a stab at covering both options as far as I can see. Meanwhile, in the same week, a survey by Travelodge informs us that the Geordie accent is the nation’s favourite and German scientists have discovered that men find it difficult to read women’s emotions.

In a series of laboratory tests a bunch of men were asked to look at photographs of women and asked to read a range of emotions on their faces from irritation to despair. One wonders if ‘does my bum look big in this?’ or ‘of course I don’t mind’ facial messaging was included. The conclusion was that men find it easier to read an expression accurately when it appears on another man’s face while a woman’s expression is very puzzling indeed. This may explain the gifts of household appliances at Christmas or the belief that women really do love watching men tinkering with cars. What the world will do with this startling bit of information is anyone’s guess but at least we now know that we weren’t just imagining it.

This week, we launch our SociaLIGHT Index for the North of England, which is the culmination of six months’ hard work analysing and investigating the social media performance of prominent businesses. As a specialist social media PR agency, we had long suspected that consumer-orientated companies were embracing social media to a greater extent than those with niche business to business models. What we have now is undeniable proof. That said, it’s never quite as simple as it at first seems and there are other interesting insights to mull over too.

With statistics at our fingertips we are able to lay down a benchmark of where companies in the north are on their social media journeys. We can see the early adopters, the followers, the reluctant participants.

To find out more about SociaLIGHT and our findings, keep an eye on our website, the printed and online media as well as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin.

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