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10 ways brands can use Vine, by our Chairman Stephen Waddington

Twitter introduced a video service last week called Vine. It enables you to create a six-second video and share it with your chosen social network.

It will generate a wave of creativity across the social web as communicators road test the app in the coming days and weeks. Here, Stephen discusses a few ways that it might be used.

  • Messages – Vine is to video what a tweet is to text. Can you convey your message in six seconds?
  • Storytelling – Six seconds is sufficient time to tell a story and start a conversation. Here’s my first attempt.
  • News – Journalists are experts in stripping back stories to their basics. They are already early users of Vine.
  • Product or service – Can you explain how your product or service works within six seconds? Deliver your elevator pitch via Vine.
  • Stop motion animations – Vine allows you to capture a series of short videos and is ideal for creating stop motion animation, itself a fantastic form of storytelling.
  • Events – Create a video of highlights from your event. It’s a form of reporting. Here’s an example of a fashion event from the Vine blog.
  • Crowdsourcing – The simplicity of Vine makes video crowdsourcing a real viability for brands. Ask your audience to engage with you via a Vine post.
  • Presentations – Forget death by Powerpoint, share the highlights from your presentation in six seconds.
  • Behind the scenes – Share an insiders’ view of your organisation by creating a Vine clip.
  • Recipes – Instructions are already proving popular on Vine. This is likely to be a rich genre for restaurants and supermarkets.

This article first appeared on Stephen Waddington’s blog, read it in full here.

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