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The topic of footballers and their affairs – or alleged affairs I should say – is one that completely un-interests me. I honestly couldn’t care less. However, what does interest me is when the law is being manipulated by the wealthy and our legal system is being brought into disrepute by superinjunctions.

You would have to live on another planet not to be aware of what’s been the topic of so much interest. To quote one of today’s publications, “The football player was given a privacy injunction last week after arguing that news of his adultery would have a devastating effect on his marriage.”

Yuhuh, you think?

In terms of recent superinjunctions, it seems to me that more interest has been paid to a certain footballer instead of a banker (and, no, that’s not a typo). Both had affairs, both had superinjunctions, both were ‘outed’ in Parliament, so to speak. Both stories were out there to be spread in the same way, yet the scale of interest has been vastly different.

Why? Well what is it they say sells…public interest stories or sex?

There may have been a case of blackmail, there may not. There may be a time and a place for superinjunctions, there may not, but the point is, while free speech is worth fighting for, the rights of the rich and famous to keep their sins secret is not. David Cameron says that it is Parliament’s job to create law but either we have a right to privacy or we don’t and if it’s the latter then it’s not for judges or the lawyers of the wealthy to create one.

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