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Unlucky for some?

News out this week includes recent changes to Durham County Council’s street name and numbering function, which will now exclude the number 13 in any new housing developments or conversions. The change was announced after a Cabinet meeting this week where the County Council will take over the task from local councils.

Apparently, developers find it incredibly difficult to sell houses that are numbered 13 as people still have the, what I would consider traditional, superstition that the number brings with it very bad luck. Some homeowners and residents have even filed cases to request that the council renumber their homes as 12a.

And it’s not just developers. Through twitter, we have discovered that some airlines don’t have a 13th row, some hotels don’t have a room 13 and some lifts don’t list a 13th floor.

Personally, a house number is not something I see myself being overly concerned with when looking to buy a new home, but, after tweeting about this it would seem a large proportion of our followers would have concerns. A number of people also started to inform us that the streets they live on already don’t have a number 13.

In 2012, we are unlucky enough that there will be three Friday the 13th’s, one of which (Friday 13th January) we have already survived. The next two will be April and July, the latter of which I will be flying back to the UK on. Wish me luck.

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