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Borderfields is the UK’s leading cold pressed rapeseed oil brand, known for its quality, taste and health benefits. It is grown, pressed and bottled in Britain and can be found on shelves alongside olive oil products at all major supermarkets throughout the country.

Through a mix of creative and educational media campaigns, Admiral PR has been tasked with raising consumer awareness about rapeseed oil and the Borderfield’s brand. This is to help drive sales and realise the company’s vision of becoming a household essential, used as prevalently as olive oil.

Before beginning the Borderfields campaign, Admiral commissioned research from a leading food and drink insight company which surveyed a consumer panel of 1119 people aged between 25 and 70. The findings revealed that the reason the majority of people would swap to rapeseed oil from olive oil because it is half the saturated fat. It immediately became apparent that health benefits had to become the focus of our PR campaign.

A ‘naturally better’ campaign is now underway and through media relations including journalist desk visits at key consumer titles such as BBC Good Food and Delicious magazines, as well as product mail-outs, and digital blogger relations, Admiral is educating the media about the health benefits and lining up editorial opportunities to push key messages at the target market.

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