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Newcastle University’s Institute of Ageing and Health

Changing Age was a PR and public affairs campaign to position the Institute for Ageing and Vitality at Newcastle University as a centre for internationally leading research on the topics associated with ageing. The focus was a corporate social responsibility campaign created by Admiral, to change the negative perceptions associated with ageing that pervaded society. The focus for the campaign was a Charter for Changing Age, which called up the Government to change its rhetoric associated with the ageing population from negative to positive. Working with Professor Tom Kirkwood, Admiral drafted the Charter which was also translated into two other key languages for international distribution. A high-impact campaign visual was also prepared and a large scale photography competition was launched to connect with grass roots audiences.

The Charter was signed by all key political parties and their leaders. It also led to an Early Day Motion in the House of Commons calling for a change in the way that the ageing population is perceived. Real evidence has been recorded that proves the campaign changed the way that politicians talk about ageing, not least several key speeches from political leaders. The campaign won numerous national awards, having attracted support from celebrities, charities, politicians and the general public. The legacy of the campaign is assured by the charitable sector that has subsequently launched similar campaigns to take the message forward.

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