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‘People in Motion’ Transport Innovation Fund

Admiral handled all brand communications for People in Motion, Tyne and Wear’s Transport Innovation Fund (TIF) study into traffic congestion. The work involved brand development and an integrated communications strategy targeting regional stakeholders, residents of Tyne and Wear and political audiences, nationally and regionally.

Admiral engaged stakeholders on an ongoing basis, along with councillors and the public. Tactics included a regular stakeholder forum, a special event for councillors, a monthly bulletin, a quarterly newsletter, and a website. Admiral forged strong relationships with key media and secured positive and accurate coverage on the project.  The consultancy also developed an online community through the People in Motion website, which was used to update stakeholders, the media and public on its progress.

Admiral worked closely with the Department for Transport on tracking and measuring the impact of national press exposure, while positive coverage was secured in all key regional broadcast media and press.

The project was recognised as best communications practice by the DfT, and was received positively by all audiences at a regional level.

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