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The University of Edinburgh Business School has taken advantage of Admiral’s unique Parachute Secondment Service where a senior member of our team has been seconded into the School for three months to help it to review the structure of its Corporate Development team.  The purpose of the process is to future proof the Business School to ensure it is structured, supported, appropriately skilled and resourced to help it achieve the three main parts of its mission: to deliver high quality impactful research; to provide an excellent student learning experience and subsequent engagement; and to offer business engagement that supports and enables the research and the student learning experience.

The process comprises three key phases:

Phase one – consultation with all members of the Corporate Development team, plus members of the wider Business School and University and select external stakeholders to identify and understand the strengths and weaknesses of the current structure and to identify opportunities for improvement; analysis of the findings into key themes; and production of a summary report and presentation to the executive team.

Phase two – solutions planning in response to the findings, via facilitated workshops within the Corporate Development team to review potential structural scenarios that have come out of the consultation process; analysis of resource implications; presentation of the main recommendations in the report to the senior team; and production of an internal communications and change management strategy.

Phase three – implementation of recommendations including review of job descriptions with the team; matching current staff roles with those identified as required within the new structure; identification of new posts to be recruited; drafting advertisements; recommendations re physical locations of the team (within existing space constraints); and meeting / Q&A session with the whole of the Corporate Development team to discuss the agreed new structure with the team.

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