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Printing Press(ures): Sad Times at NMA as Digital Reality Strikes

It shouldn’t be much of a surprise to anyone that New Media Age has become the latest print publication to fall under the great swinging online axe, but this cull leaves an especially bitter taste in the mouth of those who have worked with the mag.

Whilst publisher Centaur must be seen to be safeguarding it’s future in a climate of decreasing print advertising spend, there are more than a few within the media industry who feel the move to online only is ‘short sighted’ and fails to take into account the high esteem in which the magazine and its superb editorial staff are held.

The NMA team has a reputation for getting to the core of issues in the marketing and digital media sectors, and NMA has become a weekly bible for those following brands across the various creative disciplines. It’s a sad sign of the times that NMA will now only be available online, however it is another indication of the importance of digital media and how journalists, PRs and other creatives now have little choice but to tow the line and accept that digital rules.

Changes in media consumption and the massive influence this has had on how advertisers spend have ultimately brought us to this point. For those in the PR sector, an education process now follows, as we must demonstrate to our clients the value of online, both in terms of editorial worth and the readership figures from internet publications.

The days of shiny scans of print coverage hurriedly sent to clients are coming to an end, and that is a serious challenge for PR agencies. Instead, the value comes from not solely where the coverage initially appears, but how social media channels then amplify that message, delivering it to followers, friends and other connected audiences on Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and others. A combination of the article being written by a credible source and then the way this material is distributed across social channels will be the benchmark for success and value.

Whilst NMAs move to just online is a sad day for fans of print, it’s another indication that creatives must work with clients to redefine what equals value and quality of coverage, how we deliver this and ultimately how this is measured.

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