SociaLIGHT: An organisation's journey through social media Admiral PR

SociaLIGHT: An organisation’s journey through social media

Why do we need SociaLIGHT? Why, you may ask, have we spent the last six months refining the analytics and markers so that our social media index is a qualitative piece of work reflecting an exact point in time on the social media journeys of top companies in the North of England? Well, because you asked us to.

Some of the most common questions we’re asked by organisations relate to social media. Have you ever asked yourself which social media channels you should be using? How can you measure the effectiveness of social media on your business? What’s the best way to manage your social media profiles? If you have, you’re not alone . . .

With 800 million users on Facebook and 200 million on Twitter it is not surprising that businesses are increasingly interested in embracing social media as a business tool. We have certainly noticed a significant increase in our own clients’ willingness and desire to implement a strategy to make the most of the opportunities the twenty-first century phenomenon provides.

SociaLIGHT as a piece of research provides a benchmark against which all future development can be measured and gives executives the opportunity to measure their progress within their sectors and against their competitors.

We would like the launch of SociaLIGHT to go even further than this, however. We would like it to open up the debate; to encourage businesses to look at their own social media efforts in a critical light and encourage them to question whether they are missing out, whether they are doing enough and whether they are concentrating their efforts on the right platforms.

Whether business leaders like it or not, there is no escaping the reach of social media in the modern business world. A haphazard Facebook page and the occasional tweet is a good start but it falls woefully short of what the best practitioners are doing. For the few that are making good progress along the road to full integration, the whole corporate culture has demonstrably taken social media to its heart. For the rest, a change in mind set is necessary to progress to the next stage.

At Admiral we believe that no public relations campaign can ignore social media. As far as we are concerned, SociaLIGHT is just the beginning!

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