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A one-off blog for an exceptional client

I make a point of not writing blog posts about the virtues of clients  (always strikes me as a bit sycophantic).

Yet I am going to break that rule. It’s a one off, I promise. The thing is, we have just been to an event in Sedgefield at NetPark for a client of ours – Kromek.

It is one of those rare breed companies that genuinely gets the pulse racing.  It has the magical recipe – global scalability, dynamic management and  fab technology / product.

Not only is it clear that CEO Arnab Basu knows exactly where he is going but his team ‘get’ and buy into the vision. Although the firm is on the cusp of a major breakthrough in airport security, the real beauty of the technology is that it can be applied across a large number of applications across a myriad of different sectors internationally.

Sycophantic or not – definitely one to watch!

Georgie / @GeorgieCameron

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