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Google – Coming to a screen near you!

First it was the launch of Google + making waves in the technology industry and now the arrival of Google TV into the UK has caught the attention of the tech fraternity.

Google recently made the announcement at the Edinburgh Television Festival, the day after Steve Jobs quit as CEO of Apple, capping a busy week for the technology industry!

At the beginning of August, The Independent reported that on average a person spends four hours and three minutes of their time watching television each day, and The Times revealed results of a survey suggesting that one third of people watch television and use social media simultaneously. So it would seem Google has come up with a solution to make this marriage of activities even more accessible to the general public.

Google TV is likely to encourage the developing trend of ‘Participation TV’. Certain TV shows are regularly encouraging viewers to use hash tags to discuss the show on Twitter and Facebook, with the end goal seeming to be the status associated with being a ‘Trending Topic’ and as much conversation and exposure of the show as possible.

Google TV will enable people to search for content on the television and the internet simultaneously in a single click, with the use of smart phones also having a role to play, as a remote control.

With the introduction of technology like Google TV and the 65 proposed local TV stations, people are likely to spend an increasing amount of time exposed to the media; discussing various topics of interest, keeping up to date with news and posting content online. It would seem that Google is focused on fighting back against Apple’s domination of the technology market, by the bringing together of two crucial elements, social media and TV.

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