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Great balls of fire

Last week Chris Huhne advised officials to work with the US to draw up emergency plans against a pending solar storm, including emergency and temporary shut down of the electricity supply, which would alter flight paths to fly at a lower altitude and a possible upgrade of power line transformers.

It is expected the class five solar storm could hit the Earth in 2012 / 2013 as the sun reaches an active stage in its cycle and could cause potentially dangerous levels of radiation. The initial blast from the sun could reach the earth in a matter of minutes which would be followed by a second and possibly more dangerous wave of power which could take up to three days to arrive. If I am correct, there is currently no detailed information available about whether these contingency plans will take place prior to the initial blast or in between the first and supposedly more severe second blast.

As electricity supply moves up the agenda for everybody with the expected increase in prices, cuts in the national grid aren’t likely to go down well with businesses as well as the general public. It also raises an earlier point of interest of upgrading the traditional power line transformers, not only to cope with surges in electricity but also an upgrade in design and efficiency.

The worst case scenario of the expected solar storm could see lights, computers, the banking system, satellites, GPS technology and defence systems affected. This sounds a bit like a disaster flick, should we be worried?

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