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Admiral launches key industry sector Twitter lists

Nowadays, most businesses recognise the significance of social media and those who don’t, quite simply, should get on board… fast. Social media has caused a major shift in the way the media works, revolutionised the way people communicate and changed how newspapers and publications distribute news.

Print circulations are declining, ad sales are falling but web usage is growing rapidly online. News flow is real-time and constantly evolving, and through Twitter, individuals have been given an unregulated medium to express themselves.

The success of Twitter in opening up new channels of interest and communication on a global scale, defying geographical, cultural and political boundaries is one of the most significant developments of our time.

The world of PR has changed vastly with these technological advancements, with journalists posting media requests, individuals blogging and becoming influential self publishers, and news spreading world-wide in an instant. With so many competing voices, it’s hard to know who to listen to online. With this in mind, Admiral has launched a vast collection of Twitter lists highlighting the movers and shakers from various industry sectors. (See bottom of page for lists and links.)

We researched the Twitter accounts of influential bloggers, publications, journalists, individuals and companies by key industry sectors. Each list contains at least 20 tweeters.

Now, contacting the most influential tweeters in a specific sector is just one click away.

Admiral will be regularly updating these lists and welcomes any suggestions.

Please let us know yours via our Twitter @admiralpr


Full Collection of Twitter Lists
Financial Services
Technology Media
Lighting Media
Construction Media
Food Media
Energy Media
Manchester Business News
Agriculture Media
Education Media
Science Media
Environmental Media
News Media
Business Media
PRO’s Creatives
Travel Media
Transport Media
Property Media
Healthcare Media

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