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Get a job in any PR agency and chances are your contract will contain some stern words prohibiting you from doing any “work on the side”. At Admiral we take a slightly different view. Naturally if you burn the midnight oil in some sort of second job it won’t do your client work or your career any good at all, but that said we do encourage all our staff to pursue relevant interests.

For example, every week Richard Kay presents his own news-based radio show, called Have You Heard The News?, on local radio station ALL FM. He dissects the week’s regional and national news, coloured by his fascination for current affairs and social issues.

Meanwhile, Oliver Chesher leads an occasional second life as a motoring journalist, but only, as he says, because that means he gets to borrow lots of flash cars. He writes for a series of regional glossy lifestyle magazines, and claims only to be interested in the fastest and fanciest vehicles he can lay his hands on. But the discipline of thinking and writing like a journalist is a useful one for a PR professional.

Another of our accomplished writers is Stephen Waddington, whose latest co-authored work, Brand Anarchy, is in bookshops now. Having begun his career as a journalist, he shares our view that a creative outlet outside the day job can be of benefit: it can keep the mind sharp and enhance the professional reputation.

Andrew Shearer has just begun training as a Special Constable with Northumbria Police helping to keep the streets safe at the weekend.

Both Georgie Cameron and Vicky Neill have taken up a new language. Georgie is learning Spanish, probably to help her buying powers when it comes to her new caviar business, while Vicky is challenging herself by taking Mandarin classes, probably one of the most difficult languages in the world. Good luck!

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